Details, details...

"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames

That's a sentiment that I agree with wholeheartedly. When you've occupied a property, or worked on a property for a long time, you can become blind to some of the items that need to be addressed. Failing to pay attention to the details: maintenance, cosmetic updates and cleanliness can turn off buyers.

When you're considering selling, whether your a Realtor, a homeowner or a builder/investor, it's critically important to bring in a home stager to look at the property with the eyes of a buyer before it goes on the market. If you think that buyers will be able to "see past" overgrown landscaping, or won't notice stains on the carpet- think again. A stager will be able to point out things that maybe you didn't even think were an issue - like an awkwardly placed ceiling fan, for example.

Even if they aren't items they verbally recognize as being problems - subconsciously, these register as distractions or objections - and it starts a conversation that is NOT about the positives of the property.

Buyers justify paying full price when they perceive that there is little to no work to be done, and that they could "just move right in".

That's where staging comes in. Home staging (a.k.a. properly preparing your home for sale) will highlight the positive features of your property while neutralizing the potentially negative ones. With every objection, even something as (seemingly) trivial as noticing a corroded light fixture, or a lightbulb that hasn't been replaced, chips away at the buyers' perceived value of the property. The buyer perceives that the home has not been maintained (whether or not that's the case) and so the price they are willing to pay decreases.

Much in the same way, the details will be what stand out to buyers. Once basic maintainence is done, staging with furnishings and accessories will help to highlight all of the positives of your property and make it stand out from the competition.

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