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2015 is here in full force - even though the holidays are over, it's my goal to hang tight to the joy brought by spending good quality time with our loved ones. 2014 was amazing. We became a family of 4 (well, 6 if you count the doggies), I was on TV as part of Million Dollar Listing Miami (how cool is that??), and formed some amazing relationships with some truly inspirational women. I was a sponge in 2014, soaking up life, but sometimes felt like I was just barely keeping my head above water. I got put through my paces and pushed past what I thought was my breaking point. I was expending all my energy pursuing someone else's dream, when something amazing happened : I realized that I had my own.

I realized that I DO have a dream, a goal, a purpose. And that is what makes me free. I am free to pursue a life that is 100% my own. Free to be me.

The funny thing is that, I was free to do this all along, but was hindered by fear, insecurity or taking the easy way out. But you know, some things are worth fighting for, and, by golly - happiness is one of them.

So here it is: in 2015 I take the road less traveled. I love openly and forgive freely. I take vacations. I do what I love and love what I do. None of this would be possible without the year before, but I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store. My watchword is free. My motto is "Trust God & do the work".

Let's do this!



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